About Us

Sundaytimes.com.ng is a parenting blog for parents to raise godly children, handling dating among teenagers and others on an everyday basis. We help you understand challenges your kids are facing and how to deal with them in a manner that will be effective in the long-term.

This all started when I became a mother of two teenage daughters myself 6 years ago. I was really worried about my girls’ future and I did not want to see them make mistakes that would cost them dearly in the future. And then one day, it just dawned on me that most of the problems they were experiencing would be solved if only they could find someone who cares so much about their spiritual well-being too!

So I went online, studied and read a lot, prayed intensely, and talked with other parents – especially mothers who have been there before me. And that’s how Sundaytimes came into existence – to share my knowledge with as many people as possible who are looking for guidance about raising godly children today! Sundaytimes.com.ng is a one-stop solution for all your parenting needs!