The Biography of Nigar Sultana

The biography of Nigar Sultana, an Indian actress who starred in several Hindi and Urdu films from the 1940s to the 1960s.

She was born on June 4, 1932, in Hyderabad, India, to a family of film producers and distributors.

Her birth name was Fatima Rashid, but she adopted the screen name Nigar Sultana.

This biography offers a glimpse into the life of Nigar Sultana.

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Early Life and Career of Nigar Sultana

The Biography of Nigar Sultana

Nigar Sultana was born into a family that was deeply involved in the Indian film industry.

Her father, Rashid Ali, was a film producer and distributor, while her uncle, Nazir Ahmed, was a renowned director.

Nigar’s family was based in Hyderabad, where she grew up and received her education.

As a child, Nigar was drawn to films and often accompanied her father to film sets.

Her father’s involvement in the film industry allowed Nigar to gain exposure to the workings of the industry from an early age.

Nigar debuted in 1949 with the film “Badi Bahen.” Her performance in the film was well-received, and she soon became a sought-after actress.

In the early years of her career, Nigar starred in several successful films, including “Aarzoo” (1950), “Nagina” (1951), and “Shama Parwana” (1954).

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Success in the 1950s

In the 1950s, Nigar Sultana became one of the most popular actresses in Indian cinema.

She starred in several successful films during this period, including “Mirza Ghalib” (1954), “Laila Majnu” (1955), and “Kohinoor” (1960).

Nigar’s versatility as an actress allowed her to take on various roles, from the tragic heroine to the spunky heroine.

She was mainly known for portraying strong-willed and independent women on screen, making her popular among audiences.

Nigar’s performances in films like “Laila Majnu” and “Mirza Ghalib” were critically acclaimed, and she was praised for her ability to convey complex emotions on screen.

Her portrayal of the courtesan in “Mirza Ghalib” was particularly noteworthy, earning her a nomination for the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Personal Life of Nigar Sultana

Nigar Sultana’s personal life was marked by several challenges.

She married filmmaker K.A. Abbas, but the marriage ended in divorce.

Nigar later married film director and producer Hameed Butt. The couple had two children together.

Nigar’s personal life was also affected by her decision to convert to Islam.

She converted to Islam in the early 1950s, and this decision led to a rift between her and her father, who was a devout Hindu.

Despite this, Nigar continued to work in the film industry and pursue her career.

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Later Career of Nigar Sultana

In the 1960s, Nigar Sultana’s career began to slow down.

She continued to act in films, but her roles became less prominent, and she was no longer the leading lady in many of her films.

Nigar’s last film as a lead actress was “Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi” (1966).

After her career as an actress ended, Nigar continued to be involved in the film industry as a producer.

She produced several successful films, including “Khoon Ki Pukaar” (1978) and “Griha Pravesh” (1980).

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