The Biography of Phoebe Tomlinson

The biography of Phoebe Tomlinson, a well-known British makeup artist and beauty influencer. She was born on March 2, 1994, in Doncaster, England.

She is best known for her work in the beauty industry and for her popular Instagram account, which has more than 200,000 followers.

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Early Life and Education of Phoebe Tomlinson

Phoebe Tomlinson grew up in a close-knit family in Doncaster, England. Her father worked in construction, while her mother was a stay-at-home mom.

Phoebe was interested in beauty and makeup from a very young age and started experimenting with makeup independently when she was a teenager.

After finishing high school, she pursued her passion for makeup and enrolled in a makeup artistry course at a local college.

Career Beginnings

After completing her course, Phoebe started working as a freelance makeup artist, doing makeup for weddings and other events.

She quickly gained a reputation for her skill and professionalism and began to attract a steady stream of clients.

However, Phoebe was content to stay in one place briefly and soon started looking for opportunities to expand her career.

Social Media Presence

In 2017, Phoebe launched her Instagram account, @thephoebetomlinson, where she could showcase her work and share her beauty tips and tutorials with her followers.

Her account quickly gained popularity, and she soon became a rising star in the beauty influencer community.

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Collaborations of Phoebe Tomlinson

Any biography of Phoebe Tomlinson will be incomplete without her collaborations.

Phoebe’s success on social media soon caught the attention of brands and companies looking for influencers to promote their products.

She has collaborated with several well-known beauty brands, including L’Oreal, NARS, and Maybelline, and has even launched her makeup line, P.T Beauty.


Phoebe is also a strong advocate for charitable causes and has used her platform to raise awareness and funds for various organizations.

She has worked with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and raised money for cancer research through makeup tutorials and events.

Personal Life

Phoebe is the younger half-sister of Louis Tomlinson, a former member of the popular boy band One Direction.

She is very close to her family, and they often appear on each other’s social media accounts.

In her free time, Phoebe enjoys traveling, exploring new places, and spending time with her friends and loved ones.

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Rounding Up

Phoebe Tomlinson is a talented makeup artist and beauty influencer who has made a name for herself through hard work, dedication, and a passion for beauty.

With her growing social media presence and collaborations with top beauty brands, she is poised to become a major player in the world of beauty and fashion in the years to come.


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