Is It Safe To Drink Premier Protein During Pregnancy?

As a pregnant woman, you need to be meticulous about what you eat. Therefore in light of the necessary diet a pregnant woman needs, I’d focus on is it safe to drink Premier Protein during pregnancy.

Premier Protein smoothies/shakes have a yummy taste that makes people long for more, but the question is, Is Premier Protein safe to consume during Pregnancy?

In this article, I will do justice to this question and also outline interesting facts about Premier Protein & Pregnancy. Keep reading!

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Premier Protein

Premier Protein shakes are lower in calories but extremely rich in protein, offering you 30 grams every carton! They provide unique tastes, such as salted caramel and coffee.

Is It Safe To Drink Premier Protein During Pregnancy?

Premier Protein is safe for Pregnancy and should be included in the daily total of no more than 200mg of caffeine per day pregnancy.

They are meant to be a balanced drink, supplying your body with energy from carbs, vitamins, minerals, and protein.

Because they include carbs, these drinks have all the essential nutritional components and are closer to a full meal or snack.

Is Premier Protein a Meal Replacement?

Protein shakes are touted as anything from meal-replacement weight reduction beverages to a technique to receive your critical nutrients and increase weight when required.

While the range of protein drinks appears unlimited, many contain relatively similar components.

Vitamins and minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fat, a little fiber, and flavorings to help make them delicious are the base of practically every shake on the market.

Some brands may contain “extra” components like botanicals or caffeine, but the fundamental protein shake ingredients are standard nutritional mainstays and are entirely healthy, especially during Pregnancy.

However, the components may not tell you the complete picture.

Makers of protein shakes may label their drinks as a supplement or a meal. Because the FDA doesn’t regulate nutrition supplements, selecting a smoothie classed as food is preferable.

Is Premier Protein a Food or Supplement?

An easy technique to evaluate whether or not a smoothie is a food or supplement is by checking the label.

“Food” protein shakes will have a Nutrition Facts panel, while “supplement” shakes will have a Supplement Facts panel.

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What’s the Nutritional Makeup of Premier Protein Shakes??

A hang-up many customers have with protein smoothies is their sugar content. Protein shakes are most commonly sweetened with either sugar, a non-nutritive sweetener, or a blend of the two.

Protein smoothies sweetened with sugars provide you with a better bang for your money.

The Best Meal for Breakfast

Solid foods provide the greatest meals while you’re pregnant. Protein shakes shouldn’t be depended on to cover all your nutritional demands daily, but they’re handy if you’re in a rush.

Contrary to common opinion, a recent study of American diets indicated that most Americans surpass the minimum of their daily protein objectives.

So although protein demands are increased during Pregnancy, most women can satisfy this via diet alone.

Most women don’t need any extra nutritional supplements, including protein shakes, to have a successful pregnancy outside of a prenatal vitamin.

A few caveats to this are if you are:

Underweight (and pregnant) (and pregnant) (and pregnant)

Unable to achieve your nutritional demands by food alone, or\sHaving nausea interferes with your eating ability.

If any of these look like you or someone you know, be mindful of discussing your concerns with your medical professional.

Just because they’re not essential for most women doesn’t make protein shakes hazardous.

If you’ve selected a reputable and trustworthy brand, protein shakes are also helpful and gentle on the stomach if you’re feeling morning sickness.

Can Protein Shakes Help With Pregnancy Nausea?

Persistent morning sickness or pregnancy-related nausea may become bothersome, even more so if you cannot keep food down and worry about providing your growing baby with the necessary nourishment.

Not eating for extended periods (say, owing to nausea) could produce a buildup of stomach acid and lead to a vicious cycle of even worse nausea (source: HealthLine) (source: HealthLine) (source: HealthLine).

While protein smoothies won’t prevent or stop nausea in their tracks, they may help to cushion the stomach a bit.

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The Bottom Line

Premier Protein is safe to consume during Pregnancy, and it’s also important to note that protein is an essential micronutrient from the protein, fat, and carbohydrate family. 

While protein is necessary for everyone for optimum health, protein matters much more so during Pregnancy and lactation.

Made up of amino acids, protein provides the building blocks of your body’s cells and that of your kid. 

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