How to Wash Baby Hair Without Getting Water in the Eyes

I can only picture the anguish a baby would face if water enters their eyes while you wash their hair, so here’s how to wash a baby hair without getting water in the eyes.

Let’s face it, as an Adult, I feel so uncomfortable when water enters my eye, perhaps because I have a water phobia or the sensation isn’t pleasing.

In this essay, I will detail the simpler technique of washing infant hair without getting water in the eyes.

The whole system of a newborn is highly delicate. A baby’s eyes are the most sensitive among other organs. Hence being cautious and competent while washing them is vital.

If you get careless while washing your baby’s hair and water enters the eyes, the future connotation may be worrying.

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The Major Worry

Based on the questionnaire I posted. Lately, so many future moms and parents have been keen to discover the best technique to wash a baby’s hair without water going into the eyes.

The good news is That I will do justice to the question based on the reaction of experienced moms.

In this post, I will teach you how to wash your baby’s hair without allowing water into the eyes.

How to Wash Infant Hair Without Getting Water in the Eyes

For you to have tasty spiced fried rice, you need to be a skillful chef, and you need to master the proper ingredients. That’s how it is with bathing a baby.

You need the right items before washing the baby’s hair without letting water enter the eyes.

The materials you require are:

  • Conditioner/Baby oil
  • Soft Clean Towel
  • Lukewarm water
  • Baby shampoo
  • Soft Brush and Bath toy
  • Baby bathtub

Steps to Wash a Baby’s Hair Without Putting Water Into the Eyes

Following the steps below will give you an answer to your question. 

Washing the Baby’s Body Initially

  1. Fill the baby bathtub with mild lukewarm water, then carefully set your baby in it.
  2. First, let’s cleanse the baby’s body.
  3. Use one of your hands as neck support for your infant if they cannot sit independently.
  4. Drench the baby’s body in water with your other hand as you do so.
  5. Wash your baby’s body with a soft washcloth and a little soap or baby body wash liquid.

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The Use of Shower Cap

However, if showering your baby without putting water in its eyes continues to be hard, you may want to try using a baby shower cap.

Add a personal touch with baby shower hats.

Baby Shower Cap

A baby shower cap is a cap that solely blocks water from getting into a baby’s eyes during a bath.

A baby shower cap may be used for children under six or seven.

Soap, shampoo, and even water are all kept out of your baby’s eyes due to the shower cap. It is handy and uncomplicated to use.

Washing the Baby Hair Without a Shower Cap

Remember, the objective is to wash your baby’s hair without water going into the eyes,

1. Therefore, you need to use your hand to properly wet your baby’s hair instead of pouring the water immediately over the head.

2. At this stage, you will apply the shampoo. Remember, moderation is crucial.

Using too much may run down their face and into their eyes, which you want to avoid.

Using your fingertips, gently massage your baby’s hair for a few minutes.

3. An essential part is washing the shampoo out of your child’s hair.

Gently place the baby back on your forearm.

Again, rinse with your hand instead of pouring water with a cup.

4. Now, gently pat the baby’s hair with a soft, dry cloth.

5. Wrap your kid in a clean, dry towel as soon as you’ve accomplished this step.

Dry the whole body completely, and pay special attention to the back of the ear and skin folds to prevent extra moisture in these regions.

You can make bath time more pleasurable for your kid since they will no longer be terrified of shampoo or water entering their eyes.

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The Bottom Line

If you follow the methods on this post, you may not master the act of washing your hair without water coming to the eyes at once, but we will make progress.

As the adage goes, “Practice creates perfection.”

I hope this information was helpful.

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