Naked Juice While Pregnant

As a mother, there is always a suggestion to drink juice during pregnancy as healthy food for pregnant women, which is also good. In this article, you will learn about naked juice and can a pregnant also take it, along with its benefits.

Why is juice recommended? Because it will help to channel nutrients needed by the fetus. 

You need to remember that whatever you are consuming will affect the growth of your fetus in the womb, as your fetus needs more nutrition to grow.

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Is It Healthy to Take Naked Juicy While Pregnant? 

When you check the nutrition facts of naked juice, you will discover it is not healthy if you abuse the drink during pregnancy. 

What Is Naked Juice? 

The naked juice is a line of fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, protein bars, and natural ingredients. 

There are various flavors of naked juice, which include the green machine, strawberry banana smoothie, red machine, and pomegranate blueberry. 

Types of Naked Juice 

There are five types of naked juices which are: 

  1. Functional.
  2. Crave-worthy.
  3. Coconut water.
  4. Core.

Effect of Nutrition on the Naked Juice

There are various effects of nutrition on your naked juice: 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has a vital role in the immune system. This will help your body system fight off every disease and infection during pregnancy

Vitamin A 

This will help your vision, bone growth, and reproduction during your time of pregnancy. 

Vitamins B2 And B6 

These types of vitamins easily help you to convert your food into energy. 

Vitamin B12 

This vitamin will help the red blood cells and your baby in the womb. 

Folic Acid

This acid is very vital for pregnant women as it helps you to prevent any congenital disabilities. 


Also, calcium is important to have strong teeth and bones. 


This helps the body to get energy from every food you take in. 


This helps regulate your blood pressure and helps the heart function well. 

Naked Juice and Pregnancy 

When pregnant, you wonder how it is safe to take naked juice. 

Don’t panic. It is safe to take naked juice during your pregnancy. But you must have it at the back of your mind that you must take it with moderation. 

It has a large amount of sugar and calories, so limiting it to one or two per day will be good. And make sure you take enough water and eat balanced diet food to stay strong during your pregnancy

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Benefits of Taking Naked Juice While Pregnant

1. It Contains Vitamins and Minerals 

One of the benefits of taking naked juice is that it contains vitamins and minerals that will enhance your health. 

Due to the research, there should be a moderate consumption of 100 percent fruit and vegetable juices line the naked juice beverages. It would help you complete your daily antioxidant requirements. 

Furthermore, fruits and vegetable’s antioxidant properties will help guide against any chronic illnesses. 

You must remember that juice concentrates on fewer beneficial nutrients than freshly pressed juices. 

The naked juice helps you improve your intake of the associated fruits and vegetables that reduce the risk of chronic diseases. 

2. There Is No Additives and Flavors 

The naked juice does not have artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors. 

3. They Are 100% Recyclable Packaging

Every product of naked juice you can easily package and recycle it. 

Cons of Drinking Naked Juice 

The naked juice has some downsides for taking it which include: 

1. It Has Much Sugar And High Calories 

Naked juice contains a high rate of sugar. You see, one bottle of juice can have much sugar as candy bars.

For instance, juice can have up to 53 grams of sugar, more than ten teaspoons.

As the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that men should not consume more than 36 grams of sugar per day and women not more than 25 grams. 

2. It Has Little or No Fiber

You will not find much fiber in the naked juice because, while making it, much of it has left before the final product

As you know, fiber is essential for digestive health and will help you reduce the risk of heart disease. 

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The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, you now know that you can take naked juice during your pregnancy to stay healthy, but it must not be consumed so much. 


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