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Parenting resources, although mostly mistaken as the same as being a resource parent, they’re very different terms.

Parenting resources have been used for a few decades, while resource parent is a relatively new term.

Irrespective of their difference, there is a common factor: parents and we’ll agree that being a parent in this time and age isn’t as easy as we all would have wanted.

The singular reason parenting is a challenging task is that we need help in making the right parenting choices.

As making the right parenting choice doesn’t only affect you and your kids positively. It will also benefit our society at large in these trying times.

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What Are Parenting Resources?

Parenting resources are materials and programs by government and private entities to educate parents on how to bring up their wards effectively.

This covers materials for conducting parent education programs, methods for doing so, and factors to consider when choosing parent education curricula for various target groups.

What Is a Resource Parent?

Adoptive or foster parents and many other out-of-home caregivers are now referred to as resource parents or family in California.

A resource parent is qualified to care for children and teenagers in foster and adoptive homes. The term “resource parent” is used regardless of the requirements of the kid or teen, which can vary greatly.

As a generic phrase, it can be used for foster parents, adoptive parents, foster parents who plan to adopt, and kinship caregivers.

To care for children and teens in California and create a route to success, each is a crucial partner for Uplift Family Services.

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Parent Education Resources

Below listed are some of our top picks for parent education resources.

  1. Changing Children’s World Foundation
  2. Child Development Institute
  3. Compendium of Parenting Interventions
  4. The Early Childhood Collaborative
  5. Family Strengthening and Parent Skills Training
  6. Kids Club & Moms Empowerment
  7. Learn the Signs. Act Early
  8. The National Parenting Center
  9. National Parenting Education Network (NPEN)
  10. Parents Anonymous
  11. The Parent Encouragement Program

Top 6 Psychologists’ Parenting Resources

The top 6 parenting resources recommended by psychologists

  • Resilience Booster: Parent Tip Tool
  • ACT Raising Safe Kids Program
  • Magination Press
  • Everyday Parenting: The ABCs of Child Rearing

How to Find Parenting Resources Center Near Me

Factually almost every locality has a parenting center in different capacities.

I’ve met people who got their most beneficial parenting resources from churches, parenting support groups, or government-provided centers.

The good news is google is free, and you can get so many great parenting resources there, but if you need to walk into a centre, fear not, we’ve got better news.

The better news is that you can visit the national parent helpline directory to discover a parenting resources center in your region.

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The Bottom Line

As a parent in any stage of parenting, be it expecting parents, parenting toddlers, or even teenagers, we all need help to make the right decision sometimes.

Or maybe we just need a group of people opening our eyes to the options we never knew were in front of us.

Either way, we need help as parents, and I hope this piece has directed you toward all the help you’d need.


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