Pumpkin Patch First Birthday Party

Birthday is one of the most exciting days many people await, except in a few situations. For so many individuals, they do love to give themselves the best treat that day; that’s why the concept of having their pumpkin patch first birthday party would attract their fancy.

If you are seeking the most amazing pumpkin patches to host your first birthday celebration, then you need to read this post to the conclusion.

Pumpkin Patch First Birthday Party.

Pumpkin Patch First Birthday Party

Here are the top pumpkin patches cropping up all around the world in which you may spend your child’s first pumpkin patch birthday party.

1. Santa Rosa Pumpkin Patch

Santa Rosa Pumpkin Patch provides a range of party packages and has something for kids to do. It’d be a terrific pick if you need a nice venue to celebrate your pumpkin patch’s first birthday.

Classic parties include 2.5 hours at a reserved party table, activity wristbands for each kid, and time in the petting zoo with bunnies, chickens, pigs, goats, and more.

Deluxe parties feature everything in the traditional party, but with a 3-hour reserved table, a hay ride for the party, a little pumpkin for each kid and a medium-sized pumpkin for the birthday child, and a pumpkin blaster ticket for each child. 

Prices start at $200 for traditional parties and $325 for deluxe events. 

2. Forneris Farms

Forneris Farms usually organize a four-acre cornfield maze and an incredible assortment of pumpkins that will make your pumpkin patch’s first birthday memorable.

Tractor rides will take pumpkin patch tourists on a guided tour through the cornfields and around the property. 

Everything is cash only (and the labyrinth and train will cost you an additional $20 on top of the $5 patch entry charge).

3. Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch

The popular patch stands out like a scarecrow in a squash garden: With rows of pumpkins, a big hand-carved rocking horse, a petting zoo, and a little straw labyrinth, it’s like someone dropped down a piece of rural farming in the heart of a fast-paced, modern metropolis.

This tiny taste of harvest also features extensive face painting, a super slide, pumpkin decorating, a spider bounce, and food and drink kiosks.

Swing by on weekday afternoons, if you can, for $5 entrance; otherwise, you’ll have to pay an escalating entry charge each weekend and Friday evenings.

4. Pa’s Pumpkin Patch

There’s no reason a pumpkin farm can’t bring back the same memories of booth games, carnival rides, and sweet indulgences.

Treat yourself to a weekend of traditional festival favorites, including huge slides, fun houses, and more—all harvest-themed.

Beyond a vast assortment of diverse pumpkins to pick from, the patch is also full of haystacks, corn stalks and gourds. 

 Kids may enjoy a little train ride, jump castles, and face painting.

It’s a young kid’s fantasy, so be prepared to take them to every single ride and game—you’ll be a shoe-in for the parent of the year award.

5.Nicasio Valley Pumpkin  Patch

Having your first birthday celebration at Nicasio Valley Pumpkin Patch will be epic.

This renowned pumpkin patch has inflatables, farm animals, hay rides, live music on weekends, and lots of fun.

6.Pronzini Pumpkin Patch 

Pronzini Pumpkin Patch in Petaluma provides parties for up to 20, including a dedicated party table beneath a tent and optional activity wristbands for each kid.

Food is available for purchase (hot dog, chips, and drink; $5 per kid), or you may bring your own. 

Don’t forget to bring your party decorations, too. Wristbands offer access to inflatables and slides, a corn pit, a ghost path, and more. 

7. Tina’s Pumpkin Patch

There’s something about discovering a friendly llama that makes the trek to this little but picturesque patch so worthwhile.

 Maybe you’re not into the whole pumpkin picking thing, but engaging with these incredibly amusing petting zoo animals is one memory you need to make.

The patch stands beneath a big tent with mounds of pumpkins offered at a fantastic price. 

The patch is situated in the Westfield Fashion Square lot, so there’s lots of free parking accessible.

8. Tapia Brothers Farm

With a much-needed guide and a page full of trivia questions ($10; closed Mon).

The colorful pumpkin patch also offers—you got it—pumpkins aplenty (with $3 entrance), a fresh farmers’ market (featuring irresistible kettle corn), a mouth-watering roasted corn stand, a petting zoo, pony rides, and a tractor-pulled train. 

Check it out on the weekends, so you have all the activities at your disposal.

9. Mr. Jack O’ Lanterns Pumpkin

Things you appreciate right now: online ordering and delivery and free parking.

This seasonal pumpkin farm is luckily providing all of the above at its three sites in West L.A. (11852 Santa Monica Blvd), Torrance (17520 Prairie Ave), and at the Original Farmers Market (6333 W 3rd St) (6333 W 3rd St).

That’s in addition to festive activities like pumpkin crafting, a frightening labyrinth, pumpkin bowling, and a bouncy house.

The Bottom Line

Listed above are amazing pumpkin patches you can choose from when planning your baby’s first pumpkin patch birthday party. 

I hope this article was helpful.


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