Does Aquaphor Stain Clothes

Everyone’s goal is to maintain clean clothing that is free from stains. But in the case of Aquaphor, does it stain clothes?

Although the Aquaphor might be a lifesaver that comes in soothing skin irritations. Using this can help you treat your problems, but it can easily stain your clothes if you are not careful when applied to your skin. 

As it leaves a greasy residue that is difficult to remove. You don’t have to panic! This article will show you how to remove the Aquaphor stains from your clothes. 

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Does Aquaphor Stain Clothes? 

The question is, does Aquaphor stain clothes? Yes, it stains clothes like brands such as vaseline, Vicks vapor rub, and Neosporin, to share one thing. 

Aquaphor is a petroleum jelly product. Just left most petroleum jelly products, it will leave behind a white residue as a stain. 

Moreover, this will wash easily wash out with the washing machine. You need to remove it as soon as possible after it happens, so it would stress you later to rid of it. 

Ways to Remove the Aquaphor From the Clothes 

Do you know that stains on clothes can be so annoying that is why you need to take some steps to remove them? Follow these: 

1. Remove the Excess Aquaphor 

When the stain is fresh, you can easily take care immediately by blotting it up with the ointment before it dries. Use a blunt knife or a spoon to scoop out without wasting time. 

2. Treat It With A Stain Remover Or Duty Detergent

You can make use of a laundry detergent to treat the component of the stain. The detergent will penetrate the fibers and break down the oils in the stain. 

When you try this, and it doesn’t remove, you can apply the remover, like the Oxiclean, directly to the component that has the oil and rubs it with an old toothbrush. 

After that, you must wait some minutes and wash it with the hottest water recommended on the fabric care label. 

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3. Using Baking Soda 

You can use baking soda for these stains, which could be the best solution. This is because it could be easily absorbed with oil and waxy content that will be present inside the Aquaphor stains.  

This can work effectively when you want to remove stains from your clothes. Then follow these basic steps: 

Make a Thick Paste

Make use of half cup of soda, then mix it with water to form a thick paste. The stain will be completely removed when it is wide enough to cover the stains. 

Apply Generously 

Moreover, put the paste on the stain and allow it to dry entirely at midnight or wait three hours before you wash the cloth. 

You Can Wash the Cloth

When the cloth is dry, you can wash the garment using a mild detergent without making it bleach. 

This will eradicate the stain as it wouldn’t call damage to the clothes. 

Don’t forget to rub or scrub when you are washing, as you might want to damage the clothes and make them stain more. Instead, soak your clothes before use and start washing them properly. 

How to Remove the Aquaphor From Your Clothes With Vinegar

When there is Aquaphor on your clothes, don’t panic much you can easily use it in vinegar. Follow the steps: 

  • Using vinegar to remove the greasy and waxy stains has been a long-time method. 
  • You start by cleaning it with vinegar and using a piece of paper to remove the stain. Remove the excess Aquaphor from the cloth immediately when using a scraper like a butter knife. 
  • Use the vinegar on the Aquaphor stain and give it some time, like 10 minutes. 
  •  Scrubbing it in various directions will help you remove the lease of oil with clothing fabric. 
  • Don’t waste time on this. Just apply the extra vinegar if you have discoloration on it. 

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The Bottom Line

Now you know that Aquaphor can stain clothes. But basic steps can help you remove it without much stress. 


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