11 Effective Prayers for Stubborn Children

Prayer is one of the best ways to help us through any situation, and it can be especially powerful when we’re struggling with a disobedient child. If you have stubborn children, we have listed effective prayers just for them.

When we feel like we’re at our wits’ end and have tried everything else, praying can give us hope and help us find solutions to our problems.

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Why Is My Child Disobedient?

11 Effective Prayers for Stubborn Children

If your child is disobedient, there are a few things you need to do.

First, you should try to understand the reasons behind their disobedience. Do they want to rebel against authority or do they simply lack discipline? Are they trying to assert themselves as individuals, or are they just being mischievous?

Once you know what’s going on, you can decide whether or not to punish them. If they’re being rebellious and want to assert their independence, then that’s one thing – but if they’re just being naughty and don’t care about the consequences of their actions, then it’s time for some discipline.

As parents, we must teach our children right from wrong. We also must protect them from themselves and others who might take advantage of them.

To do this, we must set boundaries and enforce them when necessary. These boundaries include bedtime, meal times, curfew time (if applicable), etc (Proverbs 22:15).

All children need rules and regulations for them to learn how life works!

If your child is disobedient for no apparent reason and refuses to listen even when he knows what he has done wrong, then prayer is definitely needed.

Prayers for Stubborn Children

Here are some prayers you can pray to God in times of need;

1. Dear Lord, I come before you today with a very heavy heart. I pray that you will hear my prayer and hear it well.

I have a son who has disobeyed his father and me. He has disobeyed your word, he has disobeyed our church, and he has disrespected his pastor and teachers at school.

I pray that you will guide him in the right direction. I pray that you will give him wisdom in making good choices for his life so that he can make wise decisions regarding choosing friends, future spouses, and careers.

2. I pray that you would help him to understand how important it is to respect authority and how much damage can be done by refusing to listen to those who God has chosen to lead us in this world.

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3. I pray that you would protect him from those who would try to lead him astray with their ideas about right and wrong, good and evil because they do not know the truth as revealed in your word or even care what it says as long as they are happy with their lives doing whatever they want regardless of how it affects others around them including themselves!

4. I know you see his heart and the good in him. He is not a bad person, but he just needs guidance. Please help me guide him through life so he can be a productive member of society.

5. I pray that he/she will understand that what he has been doing is wrong and that it hurts others as well as himself/herself. I pray he will change his/her ways and start following your word instead of his/her desires.

Prayers for Disobedient Children

6. I pray that he will find peace within himself and learn how to accept himself and others around him. Father, please give him the strength and courage to change his ways so that he may have a bright future ahead of him.

7. Please, Lord, help my son/daughter find peace within himself so that he can grow up into an adult who will be able to take care of himself and others around him/her without feeling like he needs someone else’s approval or love to be happy with himself.

8. Help him/her find his/her purpose in life, help him/her find out what makes him/her happy so that he can achieve his goals without feeling like there is something missing inside of himself that he needs from others.

9. Lord, Please help me to be patient with him and guide my actions toward him. Please help me to remember that he is a child who will someday grow up to be a man or woman and make decisions that affect his life.

10. I pray that you will give me wisdom in parenting him and teaching him right from wrong. Please help me not to be hard on him but rather guide him in the right direction through love and discipline.

11. I know you have a plan for his life and that your plan is better than mine. Help me trust in that plan even when it doesn’t seem like it could work out well for anyone involved. Thank you for hearing my prayer and answering it according to your will for our lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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The Bottom Line

Prayers are an essential part of raising godly children. Even though your child might be stubborn, keep praying for guidance on how to handle them.

Remember that while praying, you must take disciplinary measures to curtail bad habits. You can reduce screen time once your child exhibits bad behavior (Proverbs 23v13-14).


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