7 Prayers to Pray Over Your Child Everyday

As a parent, you want the best for your children. You want them to succeed in life and be happy. You don’t want them to make the same mistakes or go through what you did. But how do you know what is right? That’s where prayer comes in. You need prayers to pray over your child daily.

Prayer is one of our best tools as parents to help guide us along the way and ensure we are doing what’s best for our kids.

Prayer is not just about asking God to give us what we need. It is also about giving thanks for what He has already given us. It’s about making sure we are on the right path and reminding ourselves of His love for us — even when we feel like we don’t deserve it.

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7 Prayers to Pray Over Your Child Everyday

 Prayers to Pray Over Your Child Everyday

Here are seven prayers you can pray over your child every day:

1. Pray for Wisdom

For many parents, the first prayer they pray over their children is a prayer for wisdom (Proverbs 4v6-7). As they watch their child grow and develop, they want to be able to guide them in the right direction.

They want their child to have a good education and be able to have a career that will provide them with financial stability. They also want their child to be able to make wise choices in life. Pray everyday that your children grow in wisdom and knowledge.

2. Pray for Spiritual Health

As parents pray for their children, it’s important for them to also pray for spiritual health (Isaiah 40v31).

This means that the parent should pray that their child would seek out God and find an effective way of engaging with Him through prayer and worship.

As well as through Bible study, reading and studying Scripture, and serving in church ministries or other Christian organizations that strengthen faith in Christ Jesus.

3. Pray for Physical Health

Praying for physical health is as crucial as praying for spiritual health. Parents need to pray that their children would have physical health so they can enjoy life fully without suffering from ailments such as cancer or heart disease later in life due to poor eating habits or lack of exercise.

4. Pray Against Bad Friends

Pray that God will give your child good friends. That they will be able to identify who is good and who is bad, and they will only choose good friends.

Say prayers for God’s protection when they are with their friends so they won’t get hurt or influenced by bad people (Matthew 26v41).

Also, pray for your child to have godly friends who can encourage them to do what is right (Proverbs 27v17). Pray for your child to have friends who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

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5. Pray for Protection

There are many dangers out there today, especially for children who spend too much time online or playing video games all day long.

There are other dangers as well, such as drugs, alcohol, and sexual immorality, which parents need protection from as well as their children. A good prayer for your children is to pray for daily protection. Ask God to protect your child from dangers (Psalm 138v7).

6. Pray for Guidance

Prayer is the best way to receive guidance from God. Ask Him what He wants you to do in order to raise a godly child.

He knows what they need, what they like, and what they don’t like. He knows their strengths and weaknesses, so ask Him to guide them in the right direction at all times.

7. Pray for Their Future

Pray for your children everyday that God will give them a great and wonderful future. This may mean that they are successful in life. It may mean that they will have an amazing family, or they may find God’s love in their lives and know Him as their Savior.

Whatever you pray for your children, remember to pray that they know God’s love and find His peace in the circumstances of their lives.

Prayers Example

  1. Heavenly Father, I come before you today, asking that you would protect my child from evil. I pray that you would surround them with your protection and keep them safe from any danger or harm.
  2. Lord, please remove all ungodly friends from around my child. I ask that You bring them good friends and people who will help them grow in Christ.
  3. God, I ask that You would guide my child’s path and lead them in the right direction in life. Help them follow Your will for their life instead of their sinful desires.
  4. Father God, please give me wisdom as a parent so I can raise my children according to Your Word. Help me to love my children unconditionally and teach them how to walk in obedience.

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The Bottom Line

Prayers are a must for children. Pray regularly for God to empower your child with strength and protection.

You can’t always be with your kids but God can.


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