The Biography of Margaret Mead

The biography of Margaret Mead, an American cultural anthropologist who lived from 1901 to 1978.

She was known for her pioneering work in anthropology, which focused on studying human behavior, society, and culture.

Throughout her career, Mead conducted fieldwork in Samoa, New Guinea, and Bali and authored numerous influential books on gender roles, adolescence, and cultural diversity.

Mead was also a prominent advocate for women’s rights, racial equality, and environmental conservation.

This biography offers a glimpse into the life and legacy of Margaret Mead.

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Early Life and Education of Margaret Mead

Margaret Mead was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on December 16, 1901, the eldest of four children.

Her parents, Edward and Emily Mead were social scientists, and Mead grew up in a household that valued intellectual curiosity and exploration.

Mead attended Barnard College in New York City, where she studied with the renowned anthropologist Franz Boas.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1923 and completed a master’s degree in anthropology at Columbia University in 1924.

Fieldwork in Samoa

In 1925, Mead embarked on her first fieldwork expedition to Samoa, a remote island in the South Pacific.

There, she lived among the Samoan people and studied their cultural practices and beliefs.

Mead’s research challenged many prevailing assumptions about human nature and sexuality.

She found that Samoan girls were not subject to the same anxiety and social pressure as their Western counterparts.

Mead’s findings were published in her influential book, “Coming of Age in Samoa,” released in 1928.

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Fieldwork in New Guinea and Bali

Following her success in Samoa, Mead conducted additional fieldwork in other parts of the world.

In the late 1920s, she traveled to New Guinea, studying the Arapesh and Mundugumor tribes.

Mead’s research in New Guinea focused on how gender roles and family structures varied across different cultures.

In the 1930s, Mead traveled to Bali, studying the Balinese people and their artistic and religious practices.

Mead’s fieldwork in Bali resulted in several books, including “Balinese Character” and “The Arts of the South Seas.”

Activism and Advocacy of Margaret Mead

Throughout her career, Mead was an outspoken advocate for social justice and environmental conservation.

She was a founding member of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and worked tirelessly to promote women’s rights and combat racism and discrimination.

Mead also served as a consultant to the United Nations and worked to promote international understanding and cooperation.

In addition, Mead was a passionate advocate for environmental conservation and was instrumental in establishing several national parks and wildlife reserves.

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Legacy and Influence of Margaret Mead

Margaret Mead’s contributions to anthropology were groundbreaking and have had a lasting impact on the discipline.

Her research challenged many prevailing assumptions about human nature and sexuality and helped to promote a greater understanding and acceptance of cultural diversity.

Mead’s advocacy work also helped to inspire social change and promote greater equality and justice.

In addition to her scholarly contributions, Mead was also known for her engaging and accessible writing style.

Her books, including academic studies and famous works, were widely read and influential.

Mead was also a popular lecturer and media personality known for her wit and charisma.

Margaret Mead passed away on November 15, 1978, but her legacy inspires and influences scholars and activists worldwide.

Her contributions to the study of culture and society and her advocacy for social justice and environmental conservation serve as a testament to the power of intellectual curiosity and compassion.


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