10 Important Things About Love to Tell Your Son When He Turns 18

You’ve spent 18 years raising your son. On his 18th birthday, he’s legally an adult, but he’s still a child in many ways. This is the time to give him some advice about love and relationships. What are the things to tell your son when he turns 18?

Love is a powerful word. It can make a person feel happy, sad, confused, and angry all at the same time. It’s a word that can be used to describe many different feelings, from the love of your life to the love you have for your family.

But if there’s one thing that’s for sure about love, it’s that everyone has their definition of what it means to them.

In this piece, we’ve put together a list of things every dad should tell his son about love when he turns 18.

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Things to Tell Your Son When He Turns 18

Things To Tell Your Son When He Turns 18

Here are things you should tell your son when he is 18

1. Don’t Endure an Abusive Relationship

Your son may be trying to figure out what love is all about, but that doesn’t mean he should be dating someone who mistreats him or puts him down.

If he comes to you with a problem, listen and help him find solutions. You don’t have to solve everything for him, but you can help steer him in the right direction.

Tell him about the pillars of building healthy relationships and how to treat his future partner.

2. Keep an Open Mind

If your son has found love with someone from another race or culture, don’t assume they’re wrong for each other just because they don’t look like you do.

Let them know that you support their relationship and that they can come to you with any questions or concerns about it.

Your son may want to marry someone outside of your race or cultural background — don’t assume that this means he’ll leave his family behind when he gets married!

Teach him the importance of showing love to people and respecting their differences.

3. Don’t Beg a Woman to Love You

Some people would take advantage of your son in life, including women. You must teach him how to protect himself.

Tell him if a woman doesn’t want you, then forget her and move on — because if you don’t, she’ll just make your life miserable until she gets what she wants from you.

And neither will help anything; both will only make her feel better about herself at your expense.

4. Don’t Force a Woman

Don’t force a woman to bed with you just because she wants to have s3x with you. This is one of young men’s most common mistakes, and it often leads to heartbreak and disappointment.

When she says no, respect that decision and don’t try again until she’s ready.

5. Take Responsibility for Your Actions

Tell your son to take responsibility for his actions and ensure they align with his life goals.

If something goes wrong, tell him not to blame others or make excuses; let him take responsibility for what happened and do everything possible to fix it!

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6. True Love Means Making Sacrifice

To ensure your son becomes a good husband someday, teach him the essence of making sacrifices.

Tell him that true love means putting yourself aside for another person’s happiness, even if it means temporarily sacrificing your own needs for another person’s well-being and future success.

7. Never Insult Women

Always treat women with respect and dignity, regardless of their appearance, where they come from, or how they choose to live.

Never call women “bitches” or “sluts” because that degrades and disrespects them as human beings who deserve our love and respect no matter their choices with their bodies or lives.

8. Never Cheat on Your Wife

If you love your wife, never cheat on her. Even if you’re tempted, and she’s not as attractive as she used to be, don’t do it. It will only lead to trouble and heartache for both of you.

9. Never Lie to Your Wife

Lying about your feelings is one thing you should never do. If she asks how they look in a particular outfit or if she looks fat in an outfit, tell her the truth instead of giving them false compliments just so they feel better about themselves.

She will appreciate it more down the road than she would have if you said something nice just to make her feel better at that moment.

10. Never Beat a Woman

It’s not OK for anyone to hit another person, but it is especially wrong for a man to strike a woman. This behavior only leads to more violence and abuse in relationships.

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The Bottom Line

When your son turns 18, it’s a serious turn in his life. He’s now a man. It’s your job to coach him with godly principles for good morals.

Don’t forget to pray for God’s guidance on how to go about giving advice to your son.

Share your experiences, failures, and successes (Deut 9-10). Armed with these words, your son would be able to make right decisions in his future.


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