Prayers for a Lying Child and Other Handy Info for Parents

Lying is a natural part of human development. It starts with “the white lie” and progresses to more elaborate fabrications as children get older. This act can seem harmless but, if not curtailed, could turn your child into a chronic liar. What prayers can you say for a lying child?

Many kids tell their first lie between the ages of 2 and 4. By the time they’re in elementary school, most children have lied at least once.

Lying is more common among boys than girls. This may be because boys have a higher tolerance for risk-taking and are less likely than girls to be worried about getting in trouble for lying.

There’s no foolproof way to stop your child from lying, but you can help kids learn how to use their words instead of their hands to communicate effectively — even when they’re fibbing.

Prayer is a key that solves every problem. When your child takes on bad habits, you can use prayers to back up any disciplinary measures you take, in this case, lying.

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Why Do Kids Lie?

Prayers for a Lying Child

Kids learn early on that adults expect honesty from them, so that lying can feel like a way out or an escape from responsibility or guilt. But there are other reasons why kids lie:

They may want attention by exaggerating the truth or making something up entirely — perhaps because you weren’t paying attention or were busy with something else.

They might also lie because they enjoy being the center of attention, even if it means exaggerating what happened or making up an event altogether.

Prayers for a Lying Child

Certain prayers can help you in this situation. It is not an easy task to deal with lying children. It may be because of peer pressure, or it may be due to some other reason. However, you need to find out the reason and try to solve it positively.

Here are what you need to pray about to deal with the problem of a lying child:

1. Pray for Patience

It is very difficult to handle lying children. Sometimes, they lie even when they do not have any reason for doing so. You must pray for patience (Romans 12v12) and calmness to handle the situation without losing your cool.

2. Pray for Guidance

Children learn from their parents, and if their parents are angry all the time, it will be difficult for them to grow up as good citizens who respect others and follow the rules themselves.

Pray for guidance (Isaiah 58v11), so your child learns from your example how to behave like a responsible adult rather than following the crowd blindly just because he wants to fit in with his friends or classmates.

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3. Pray for Yourself

You need to pray for yourself as well because it is not easy dealing with such situations on a daily basis(Psalm 32v8).

Other Prayers for Lying Child:

  • Pray God to forgive your child and cleanse him/her from all sins. (1John 1v9)
  • Pray to God to help to you raise your child the right way and make him/her a better human being.
  • Pray to God to give you patience and strength to deal with your lying child in a proper manner.
  • Pray for divine protection for your lying child so that he/she can be saved from all evil forces that may try to harm him/her in any way possible.
  • Pray for peace of mind and soul for your lying child so that he/she can have a sound sleep at night without getting disturbed due to nightmares or bad dreams about his/her past deeds, which have resulted in this situation where he/she is not able, to tell the truth even if it is as simple as an answer to a question like “what time did you come home last night?” (Lamentations 3v25-36)
  • Pray for a better future for your lying child by asking God to give him/her wisdom so that next time he/she has an opportunity to lie again, he/she will think twice before doing so.

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The Bottom Line

It is important to raise your children with good morals; lying can easily become addictive. Children lie to get away with so many things.

Pray for your kids because they are vessels that God can fill up. If you allow the world to corrupt them, they will become lost to us.

Leave everything in the hands of God, and He will handle all your worries (Philippians 4v6)


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